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Alert: Unauthorized use of information of the ASIF Foundation

Recently ASIF Foundation has found that our images and information were being published on a website without our knowledge and permission.

The website URL has used images and information from ASIF Foundation for their purposes to present members, activities and recruitment, etc. ASIF Foundation, hereby, announces the affiliation/organization related to the stated URL does not have any link with the ASIF Foundation.

Website sử dụng trái phép nhiều hình ảnh và thông tin của ASIF Foundation.

Website wrongfully using images and information belonging to ASIF Foundation

Upon being informed, the ASIF Foundation has gathered evidence to report the case to the authority. This is an act of stealing our intellectual properties, for which we have yet to measure the impacts.

The ASIF Foundation would like to make clear the following 3 points. Firstly, our official Facebook page is named “ASIF – Australasia Social Impact Foundation”. This is the only page we created on Facebook for posting project information, recruitment, partnerships, etc. Secondly, our only official website has the domain Thirdly, all uses of our images and information without our authorization, regardless of its purposes, are not trustworthy.

All information and activities of the Foundation posted on ASIF Foundation Facebook page and website

We call on the community to be cautious with these organizations, and if you encounter such cases, please inform us on our ASIF Foundation Facebook page as soon as possible.

We look forward to having support from the community to alert the public and stay vigilant against dishonest activities so as to avoid scams.


Australasia Social Impact Foundation (ASIF Foundation) is a non-governmental organization established in New South Wales, Australia on 13 August 2018 for the mission to build a professional, transparent and efficient philanthropy ecosystem. As a Vietnamese Foundation Towards Global Impacts, we are committed to connecting domestic and international resources effectively to create systemic changes in the areas of water and sanitation, healthcare, education, poverty reduction and disaster risks reduction, contributing to the sustainable development goals in Vietnam, where vulnerable communities are enabled to thrive with equal opportunity.

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