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Opening up the perspective of vocational training for people with disabilities

Through “Journey of Connection” conducted by the ASIF Foundation, Social Enterprise Nha Cua Vui Joint Stock Company has been offered a fresh viewpoint on the operation of projects for disabled people. It is the first step in improving the work of the social enterprise in the coming period.

“Journey of Connection” of the ASIF Foundation aims to create a learning environment for charitable organizations in the North as well as in the South. Social organization partners of ASIF Foundation also attend the journey, including Nha Cua Vui.

Social Enterprise Nha Cua Vui Joint Stock Company was set up to build the best welfare programs for vulnerable people. The social enterprise is implementing projects: Audiobooks, Xuong Bay Bong (vocational training for the disadvantaged), Vui Tour For Kids (supporting the shelters to operate and raise children), and CRS service for enterprises (connecting and sharing resources between nonprofits). In 2022, ASIF Foundation help Nha Cua Vui build the capability and support its works.

Joining “Journey of Connection” with ASIF, Nha Cua Vui hopes to obtain more knowledge about training programs for people with disabilities, how to work with the disadvantaged, andchallenges in the working environment of the majority of special laborers. Moreover, legal knowledge for enterprises is an issue for Nha Cua Vui.

Throughout the journey, Nha Cua Vui had a strong impression of the enthusiastic support of the ASIF Foundation and the viewpoint of the Dream Seed Center on vocational training.

Nha Cua Vui and the Journey of Connection Team visit Imagtor

Ms. Van – Co-Founder of Dream Seed Center shared a lot of experiences with Nha Cua Vui during the project. Therefore, we have expanded our perspective on vocational training, from enrollment to graduation.

“After the journey, Nha Cua Vuiconsiders the training process, and then we will cooperate with Dream Seed Center in the promotion of the project. In particular, we will update information about the recruitment needs of businesses in the animation sector in order to ensure a quality training program for students.” – Ms. Bui Thi Quynh Nhung (Project Coordinator of Xuong Bay Bong) said.

The “Journey of Connection” is official over. New ideas and connections are made to provide sustainable value to nonprofits and beneficiaries in the future. ASIF Foundation will not stop pushing them so as to contribute to the development of the philanthropy ecosystem in Viet Nam.

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