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For danger-free water fetching in rainy season

Rainy season is coming so close, which means people of the Central Highlands will have to face never-ending heavy rains.

If they have to travel long distances to fetch water, their lives would be threatened by floods, especially flash floods. At times like this, having wells close to their villages would save them from the fatal risk of floods, from the distances they have to travel, and provide them with the clean water they need.

Having to bear not just the harsh dry seasons, each rainy season, the people of the Central Highlands struggle with heavy everlasting rains and the constant threat of natural disasters. In recent years, the rain has become more unpredictable. Despite the medium flood-generating rainfall intensity, there were times the rainfall level reached 150mm, even 200mm, and lasted for days. Combined with a large severely deforested area, floods here come quickly and suddenly, with a rapid current velocity that can cause flash floods and landslides.

All of these dried up river branches are at risk of sudden floods in the rainy season, making it very dangerous to get water here

The locations for water fetching in the Central Highlands are all places where natural disasters can easily happen. Although this is a mountainous area, the Central Highlands actually have a complicated and abundant system and rivers and their tributaries, creating favorable conditions for floods to form whenever there’s long lasting heavy rain. People here usually go along these branches. These tributaries are located in low terrains faraway from the villages. If there’s sudden floods, it would be hard for people to find a safe place. Every year, there are many cases of people being swept away along these rivers, either becoming missing or dead.

The water-fetching road is tough, usually with children coming along, and can be difficult to stay safe in case of flash flood

So, a well placed near the village would help making water fetching safer by a lot. In order to bring that to the community, the Gieng Sach Trao Buon project, initiated by ASIF, has conducted thorough surveys to be able to drill new wells close to or right in the villages, such as that in Đăk Manh (Đăk Rơ Nga commune, Đăk Tô district, Kon Tum province). The second well will be placed right in the village, so people can get water easily without having to worry about heavy rain or floods on their way.

Thanks to having the well near the village, now everyone can get water safely and easily in any season

18 wells in the project, until now, were all drilled for the people with that in mind, making water fetching easier for people in the upcoming rainy season. Through these wells, ASIF aimts to change the water fetching and water use routine of people, raising their awareness, making their lives in the mountains healthier and more developed.

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