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Fetching water in rainy seasons less difficult thanks to new

Fetching water is already a difficult task for people in remote areas of the Central Highlands in the dry season, it is even tougher during the rainy season because of flash floods and landslides risk. With the old tools, the amount of water collected in each fetching can only be up to 5-6 liters. Thus, people had to travel many times to get their water, which could be very dangerous in rainy seasons. Understanding the hardship of the situation, the newly specialized water buckets from the project “New water buckets for villages” are made to help people fetch their water more efficiently, less time-consuming, and safer during rainy seasons.

Climate change has made the rainy season in the Central Highlands increasingly unstable. Although the flood generating rainfall intensity here is average, there were times when it reaches 150mm, even 200mm and lasts from 6 to 24 hours. Combined with the fact that the natural landscape of the Central Highlands has been greatly affected by deforestation, this led to high and severe flood flow rates. In recent years, floods in the Central Highlands have been forming more and more rapidly, even a first rain of the season is enough to cause flash floods and landslides.

People face dangerous flood flow while fetching water at streams during rainy season

Therefore, the streams where people fetch water become more dangerous whenever rainy seasons come. Moreover, with the current way of fetching water that most local people do – using bamboo buckets and plastic bottles, each of their trips can only bring about 5-6 liters of water. In consequence, people have to go for fetching water in heavy rains many times; otherwise, there will be a shortage of water in the days of high flood.

With the new buckets , people will get more water every time they go and don’t need to go 3 or 4 trips a day

ASIF’s specialized buckets will help people collect water more efficiently during rainy seasons. The buckets has a volume of 20 liters, so people can get enough water for one whole day in just one trip, reducing the number of times they have to go out while avoiding dangers from natural disasters. Further, when their houses get flooded, the buckets made of HDPE will keep the water inside clean. HDPE is a corrosion resistant material with high reliability, so people can fetch water without having to worry about their buckets being damaged along the way.

With specialized plastic water buckets , people can get water more efficiently, keeping themselves and their families safe.

As a result, although they still have to fetch water in rainy seasons, with the specialized plastic water buckets of the project “New water buckets for villages”, people will be able to fetch and store their water more efficiently, keeping themselves and their families safe.

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