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Cung em don Tet

On the occasion of the New Year, ASIF cooperated with doctors at Ho Chi Minh City Oncology Hospital, a volunteer group in Australia and Hoc Mai organization hand-delivered meaningful gifts to children in difficult circumstances to give them a happy Tet holiday.

This is the first year of the annual program with the aim of visiting patients with difficult circumstances, bringing them a cozy Tet.

ASIF helps children celebrate a warm New Year with their family and loved ones, so that they can forget about their pain and illness.

*Activity update*

Just a few days after the official announcement of the donation plan for the program, ASIF received a donation of 108 million VND, exceeding the target of 8%.

Thanks to this contribution, the organization planned and gave gifts to inpatients and outpatients at the hospital.

ASIF would like to express sincere thanks to the benefactors for your interest and companionship with the program. Your contribution has physically and mentally motivated the sick children at the hospital.

Following this program, ASIF hopes to continue connecting and joining hands with the community, especially the Vietnamese community in Australia, to carry out many volunteer programs of high social significance and sustainability.

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