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Looking back at the 5-year journey of ASIF Foundation: Training on Child Safety Awareness

From August 2021 to June 2022, ASIF Foundation has collaborated with Center for Healthcare Improvement Research (CHIR) on implementing project “Child Safety” at 17 SOS villages in 17 provinces across the country. The project’s objective concentrated on training mothers, care-givers and child-care staffs on epidemic safety control and injury prevention at home. It not only focused on broadening individual knowledge but also aimed to raise awareness for parents, caregivers, schools and communities regarding children safety. Project outlines are as followed:

-        Identifying and addressing risks at home.

-        Proactive risk management ultilizing 5S methodology

-        Primary care and prevention of common infectious diseases in children.

-        Handling and preventing safety incidents for children.

-        Training on travel safety and epidemic control for children during the Covid-19 pandemic.

ASIF Foundation would like to thank CHIR and SOS Children’s Village Vietnam for their companionship on this meaningful and remarkable project, contributing to a successful delivery as expected.

Directly contributed to this project, Dr. Lan Vien, training specialist at the Center for Healthcare Improvement Research (CHIR), shared that this is a specific training to help mothers, caregivers and children at the SOS village improve their behaviour towards the goal of child safety.

Ms. Truong Cam Tien, who is a caregiver at the SOS Go Vap village, Ho Chi Minh City shared that after undertaking the Child Safety training, she has gained a lot of knowledge, skills regarding the methods to prevent and handle incidents related to children. As a result, she has helped children at the SOS village with many practices such as: relieving stress with smiling yoga, washing hands, wearing masks properly, performing 5S and 5K methodologies. Children also learn how to identify risks, provide first aid and control infections.

"Through this training, mothers and children have the opportunity to understand each other better so that they can effectively implement common solutions and confidently handle situations when problems occur" – Ms. Tien commented.

Continue to embark on our mission, in 2024, ASIF Foundation plans to provide support to children from disadvantaged background by collaborating with Survival Skills Social Enterprise (SSVN) and Special Needs School Nguyen Dinh Chieu in Ho Chi Minh City on project “Establishing first aid educational materials for visually impaired students”; project “Intervention and Support for Children with Autism” at the Center for Rehabilitation and Support for Children with Disabilities, Ho Chi Minh City.

Please stay tuned for more updated information on our projects!

For a deeper exploration of our five-year journey, please read our establishment titled

"ASIF Foundation – Five-Year Path Towards Social Impact (2018 – 2023)": 

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