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Gui Nuoc Ve Lang’s first success

From intention to action - Gui Nuoc Ve Lang’s first success

The rough journey spanning 5-7km through forest mountain trails to collect clean water is a part of a daily routine for many - including women and children - residents of the Gia Lai and Kon Tum region. The amount of water they collect through each trip in modest baskets and dirty old plastic bottles aren’t just insufficient for their needs but also carries many dangerous pathogens. This poses a great threat as they can be especially dangerous for susceptible children in rural Highlands regions that have yet to get access to healthcare, leaving their immune system vulnerable.

Although the clean water wells are already under construction in the two provinces, the reality of the long journey and the inefficient method remains a challenge for local residents. Mr. Cao Tien Vi - the founder and chairman of ASIF - proposed the idea of modernising the traditional baskets used by natives into a powerful tool for the local’s water collection process. The specialised water baskets and Gui Nuoc Ve Lang project was aspired to answer that wish.

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