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What can be done to ensure that the social distancing period is not pointless?

At the end of August, citizens in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and many other cities across the country are in the period of social distancing under the Directive 16. Rather of being gloomy, we should see this as an opportunity to expand our knowledge and gain new experiences. Here are some ideas for making the most of your free time at home.

Become an anti-epidemic volunteer

If you are in excellent health, enjoy community activities, are not frightened of danger, and want to contribute to the frontline team, then volunteering against the pandemic is the ideal decision for you . Participating in the fight against the virus during these historic days will be a priceless experience that you will feel extremely proud of in the future.

Miss H'hen Nie volunteered to help in the fight against the disease. Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper

During the time of the escalating epidemic, Many units are overloaded and also in need of personnel support. You can register to volunteer by visiting the information pages of universities, wards/communities, volunteer organisations, and so on. Please think carefully before making a decision, and keep in mind that having medical expertise and having fully vaccinated two doses of vaccine is a significant advantage.

Training and practicing sports

Have you ever wished to live a healthier lifestyle yet felt exhausted by your hectic schedule? The epidemic season is the perfect opportunity for you to do so. Working or studying from home allows you to devote more time to a new sport, such as yoga or pilates.

Physical exercise for excellent health to cope with the disease. Source: Internet

Participating in sports not only helps you to maintain a slim body, it also improves muscle flexibility, raises body resistance, and boosts your mood. Start with simple exercises and gradually raise the intensity as you get used to it, you will realize that everything is easier than you thought.

Improve your skills through courses

Although traditional courses have all been discontinued, the online learning platform has become increasingly excellent. You can find a lot of quality online courses for this season. Even Harvard University, a respected institution, offers more than 100 free courses to people all around the world.

During this pandemic, there are numerous online courses to pick. Source: Internet

If you have a lot of spare time, you should study a new foreign language, a form of art, a job-related skill, or simply learn how to make your favorite dishes from a YouTuber. You will become more knowledgeable as a result of your newfound knowledge.

When the epidemic is ended, the world will create new rules for itself. So, rather than letting each day filled with worry and fear pass you, fill your day with pleasant activities and become a better version of yourself. Don't forget to look after yourself and your family, stick to the 5k rule, and select information to always keep yourself in the most optimistic spirit.

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