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The highlights of the 30th-anniversary celebration of Thao Dan.

On the morning of July, 9th, the “30-year journey of establishment and development” event of Thao Dan Children Social Protection Center was successfully held at Én Restaurant & Event Space.

30-year formation and development of the NPO organization is a long journey. Thao Dan is one of the first nonprofits that was established for street children and children in especially difficult circumstances in Ho Chi Minh city. Thao Dan celebrated its 30th year to honor sponsors, partners, and associates.

Ms. Le Thi Ngan and the children of Thao Dan

Thao Dan has officially operated since 1992. In the beginning, some volunteers and street children studied to read and write together at Thao Cam Vien (Saigon Zoo) and Tao Dan Park. Therefore, the name “Thao Dan” comes from that attaching the mission to help children.

The “The 30-year journey of establishment and development” event was held with many meaningful performances. The play about street children showed the difficulties and challenges the children have to suffer. The play also evoked memories of the first days when Thao Dan supported each street child.

The play "Chuyen tre em duong pho" is performed by Quoc Thao Team

The “sweet fruits of success” of Thao Dan are one of the highlights of the event “The 30-year journey”. These are students who have been supported by Thao Dan. Today, they stand on the stage and share their stories confidently.

Dinh Ngoc Tai has come to Thao Dan since 2015. Before being a member of this family, Tai had depended on the street for his survival due to not having parents. He has also been diagnosed with some nervous system diseases. Tai had to attend the Center for Continuing Education at the age of 16 because of the bad results in school. When had been supported by Thao Dan, Tai realized the value of education and no longer blamed himself for everything. Moreover, he was the only student of the center to continue to follow grade 10 of the public school.

Dinh Ngoc Tai - the freshman at Sai Gon university

“Last year, I finished my high school diploma and was accepted by more than 10 universities. I believe that success does not depend on your wealth, but it does depend on your effort. I am happy to be here at this event today. If Thao Dan celebrates its 100th year, I will be present.”- Ngoc Tai shares his story and is proud of himself for being an inspiration to many of his friends at university.

The 30-year journey of Thao Dan event also aims to fundraise for the “Ngoi Nha Thu 3” - (The third home) project. In fact, after 30 years of operation, Thao Dan’s facilities are in a bad state so children do not have enough space for study and activities. Accordingly, the fundraising for the third home project is used to build new facilities, and expand space. The study space for children is equipped with bookshelves, learning tools, and networking facilities.

The desire for children of Thao Dan is not only adequate for the material living conditions but also for educational quality that is appropriate for learners in a digital area. Thus, refurbishing the house helps to encourage children in studying and be involved in activities at Thao Dan. All of those create a place where these children can go and proudly call it the third home.

"Hay Thap Sang Len" - the song is performed by the children of Thao Dan

Accompanying Thao Dan in the “Capacity building for NPOs” project, ASIF sponsored 150,000,000 VND to build a strong network and websites. Although Mr. Cao Tien Vi – Chairman of ASIF could not be present, he sent his congratulations to Thao Dan via video:

“With the determination and the support of individuals and organizations, including the ASIF Foundation, the dreams of the leadership board and all staff of Thao Dan will continue to come true in the new period.”

Mr. Cao Tien Vi - Chairman of ASIF Foundation sends his congratulations

ASIF hopes that Thao Dan continues to develop strongly to support children who are direct beneficiaries to overcome their fate and surpass themselves.

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