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The Gui Project: Summary of the 2nd round, October 2021, Kontum.

The Gui Project is an initiative launched by ASIF Foundation, focusing on solving water problems in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. ASIF has completed the second round of bucket donation in three districts of Kon Tum which are Kon Plong, Sa Thay, and Kon Ray districts, officially ending the chain of project activities in October 2021.

Throughout the second round, 4,793 specialized water buckets were delivered to underprivileged ethnic minority people living in the three districts mentioned above.

4,793 water buckets being delivered to Kon Tum immediately at night.

The three districts of Kon Plong, Sa Thay and Kon Ray are areas where many ethnic minorities live. Ethnic communities in these three districts have been coping with economic difficulties and a serious shortage of clean water. Sa Thay, in particular, is a border district that suffers from a severe lack of water as well as steep terrain, making it difficult for water fetching.

Every single day, people in these three districts walk long distances for water fetching, using crude and unsanitary tools. With the new specialized water buckets, people can now transport water more efficiently. Furthermore, with the addition of a convenient drain valve , the bucket can also be used as a water container at home.

Kon Tum Red Cross Society receiving buckets before distributing to people.

The project team collaborated with the Red Cross Society of Kon Plong, Sa Thay, and Kon Ray districts from October 20 to 22, 2021, to organize water bucket donation days for people. In addition, the Vietnamese government's regulations on COVID-19 prevention and control are strictly followed during the giving sessions.

People receiving water buckets in Sa Thay district, Kon Tum.

Bucket giving sessions in Mo Rai commune, Sa Thay district, Kon Tum.

Before that, the first round of bucket donation was held in Kon Tum in October 2021, with a total of 1,250 water buckets distributed to 13 wards and communes of the city.

ASIF and the project team would like to thank the Kon Tum Red Cross Society and the district committees for collaborating in organizing the recent donation days, for doing effective COVID-19 prevention throughout those days, and for making sure the funded buckets got to the right people.

The transport unit working diligently to deliver buckets to people in remote areas of Kon Tum.

We would also like to express our gratitude to our sponsors for their faith and support for the Gui project, despite the recent difficult period caused by COVID-19 that hampered the project activities. For the project's sponsor list, please visit

Next activities of the Gui project will be announced on the project's fanpage soon, so stay tuned!

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