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Naza Home - Healing & bringing peace to the remaining days

“That was one of the patients I had the opportunity to help bring a good life to, as long as they still live” – Vicar Dinh Tran Thanh Tu shared about a skin cancer patient who seemed as if he was going to pass away when received by Naza Home. However, so far he has been recovering for more than 7 months. Those miraculous recovery cases were thanks to not only adequate treatment and medication but also the spiritual care that vicar Tu and the volunteers wholeheartedly gave the patients at Naza Home.

Naza Home was established in April 2007 with the aim of helping HIV/AIDS patients lessen their suffering and torment because of their past mistakes in the last days of their lives. From the beginning of 2019, the home officially moved to alley 165, Tam Chau road, Thu Duc district. There are currently about 20 people taken care at the home, including HIV/AIDS patients, tuberculosis patients and terminal cancer patients.

Terminal HIV/AIDS patients will find peace for their last days at Naza Home

Vicar Tu shared about the activities at Naza Home: “Here, we mainly help patients’ mental health, so that they feel supported and rest assured for treatment. It is one of the ways to help them improve their immune system, continue living and being healed internally. When their lives are optimistic and faithful, they will adapt better to their situation.”

HIV/AIDS patients have to endure physical pain and severe emotional trauma. Because of their regrets and torment, some patients tend to quit taking medicine and medical treatment, which makes their disease worse. To prevent such cases, the home regularly organizes activities such as singing, playing chess and spiritual activities. Vicar Tu also invites students or psychologists to come and talk to patients, giving them the chance to let go of their inner torment.

In addition to medical care, the home also provides mental support for patients to relieve their suffering

Regarding the patients’ spiritual life, the home tries to help them regain confidence in themselves and in life. Vicar Tu said: there are people who are “crippled but not useless”. Although their health are not good, they still help take care of the home and the other patients to spread the love they have received. Mr. T., who used to be a patient taken care by Naza, chose to stay there to help Vicar Tu with chores after his health had improved. “The patients are in psychological shock. They are very depressed, want to give up and surrender to fate.

But when they live here, their bodies and souls will be relieved of sufferings. If unfortunately they die, it will be contented for them. Let’s just sing, laugh and talk to make them live happily in the remaining days of their lives,” said Mr. T., not forgetting to smile to demonstrate the optimism he is giving to the other patients. Besides Mr. T., some current staff were also victims of HIV/AIDS. When they have overcome their own diseases, they choose to stay with those who are still in pain to help them find peace at Naza.

After getting better, many patients joined hands to help the home take care of the others

The love is multiplied and spread from one patient to others, helping their last days to be joyful again with a little faith and serenity. More than a place to heal physical pain, homeless HIV/AIDS patients will find peace of mind when being sheltered in the love of Naza Home.

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