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Journey with Mai Tam Shelter - Explore and understand

Last August, ASIF Foundation and Mai Tam's home had an intimate conversation with MSc. Nguyen Hoang Chieu Anh - representative of Faros Education & Consulting to look back on the journey of sticking with the mothers and teachers at Mai Tam.

The program is called “Effective Parenting”. This is a training topic by Mai Tam Shelter in collaboration with Faros Education & Consulting and ASIF Foundation to help mothers at the shelter take care of their children's mental health, building a harmonious and loving relationship among family members.

An intimate conversation between ASIF - Mai Tam Shelter - Ms. Chieu Anh

“This is not just an educational project or program, but a real effort for a social organization working with a very special beneficiary”

Those were the first things that Chieu Anh revealed to Mai Tam and ASIF at the meeting. Through sharing, we understand more about her dedication, Faros's professional team for Mai Tam, for the project of accompanying mothers at the shelter.

Ms. Chieu Anh is happy to share special memories of the course with the mothers at Mai Tam

The more we listen, the more we understand why this project has so many layers of meaning. Because, the subjects of the course are mothers at Mai Tam, who have lived for many years in an environment that, according to Ms. Chieu Anh, is "private, complicated and difficult". They have routines and behaviors that are influenced by unfriendly evaluations and sympathy from society. Therefore, during the development and implementation of the program, constant adjustment is inevitable.

Because the beneficiaries are quite specific, the process that Faros builds is also extremely thorough and careful.

(1) Learn-feel, (2) Program implementation, (3) Adjust and deploy. That is a basic 3-step process, although it is only briefly summarized, behind is a journey of perseverance, enthusiasm and understanding for mothers at Mai Tam. Because of the unique characteristics and difficulties stemming from the living environment and the mother's thoughts, the program that Faros builds is not merely based on experience from the programs that have been implemented or some prestigious programs. in the world but also have to adjust based on Faros' contact with the mothers in this loving home.

MSc "Effective Parenting" class. Chieu Anh at Mai Tam Shelter

Sharing about the "sweet fruits" gained after accompanying and implementing the training program "Effective Parenthood", two prominent keywords were MSc. Chieu Anh refers to "consciousness" and "connection". Mothers at Mai Tam are aware that they can choose to behave differently and rely on the connection with experts during the course to open their hearts more. Since then, humane, good manners, the love for oneself have crept more into the mother's thoughts and gradually entered the daily life of mothers.

MSc. Chieu Anh is happy to be accompanied by a positive influence at Mai Tam Shelter

Looking back at the journey full of emotions, experiences and growth, Chieu Anh has shared many sincere thoughts about the training program with Mai Tam and ASIF. More than a project, more than a training program, it's the desire to see even small changes in vulnerable beneficiaries. It is also ASIF's great happiness when accompanying non-profit organizations through NPO capacity building projects.

Mai Tam Shelter is a home that welcomes, takes care of and takes care of mothers and children living with HIV/AIDS. Mai Tam Shelter accompanies ASIF in the NPO Capacity Building project from 2019 to 2021.


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