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“Child Safety At Home” project - the journey of success

From August to December 2021, 7 SOS villages in Vietnam have pioneered to practice and gain practical values from "Child Safety at Home" project. This project was reported by Lam Dong news channel.

"Child Safety at Home" is a project focusing on raising awareness in childhood injuries prevention, with the participation of SOS Children's Villages Vietnam, the Center for Health Improvement Research (CHIR), and ASIF Foundation. In addition, this is the second time ASIF has accompanied CHIR in projects working for health sector development in Vietnam.

Women at Thanh Hoa- based SOS Children's Village participating in courses of "Child Safety at Home" project.

The project's main purpose is to progressively transform the mindset and perception of child safety among parents, caregivers, schools and communities. Throughout the project, seminars and talk shows are held, along with maintaining community group relationships and providing the necessary medical equipment. "Child Safety at Home" thereby provides knowledge and skills about childhood injury prevention at home to stakeholders. Furthermore, the project builds a community where there is coordination among members of SOS Children's Village.

Mothers, aunts, youth, core healthcare staff and children from 7 out of 17 SOS Children's Villages nationwide have eagerly participated in the project through online E-Learning courses.

The project has achieved remarkable results in its phase 1:

  • Number of performances: Nearly 100 performances

  • Number of interactions on performances: Nearly 10,000 interactions

  • Total minutes of mental health care: 43,570 minutes

  • Number of participants in phase 1: Nearly 300 people

  • Number of accounts learning "Child Safety at Home" on CHIR E-Learning Platform: 468 accounts

  • Number of posts in 2 months: Nearly 1000 posts #16 new posts daily.

  • Number of people participating in "Child Safety at Home - CHIR" community: 1,200+ people

  • Number of hand-washing practice videos: 94 videos

  • Number of people practicing washing hands: 283 people

  • Number of mask-wearing practice videos: 91 videos

  • Number of people practicing wearing masks: 222 people

  • Number of identified risks: 325 risks

  • Number of first aid kits given to families: 253 kits

  • Number of 5S-products: 182 5S-products

  • Number of safety situations discussed: 67 safety situations

  • Number of safety ideas for children: 26 ideas

  • Number of posts sharing love and gratitude of children: 80+ posts

  • and many other posts of women and children sharing their feelings.

Children in SOS villages eagerly participating in online lessons to identify risks and learn how to handle when incidents occur.

Not only basic medical knowledge or skills, but "Child Safety at Home" also transforms people's perception of dare to try, improving the relationship between mothers and aunts with children in SOS Children's Villages, particularly with children who have moved away from the villages.

Based on results of phase 1, the project team has confidently continued "Child Safety at Home" program in all remaining villages of SOS Vietnam Children's Village system. Remarkable achievements are expected to be reaped in the next 2 months.

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