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Boarding house for Dak Jo Ta school is now completed, ready to welcome students

Last July, 2021, a boarding house at Dak Jo Ta school (Dak Jo Ta commune, MangYang district, Gia Lai), under the "Power 2000" project, was officially completed and ready to welcome students of the upcoming semester.

Every year, many students in the Central Highlands of Vietnam drop out due to struggling with the long distance to schools, leading to many other social problems such as child labor, early marriage, etc.; affecting people's quality of life. For children who persist in going to school, they have to live in squalid boarding houses, with poor nutrition, and an unsanitary living environment. Because of this situation, the "Power 2000" project was initiated with a boarding house built right next to the children's school, thereby creating conditions for them to keep going to school and pursue knowledge.

Before boarding houses, these shabby houses were the places where the children of the Central Highlands had to stay overnight if they wanted to keep going to school.

Because each house has only one bed, they have to sleep together uncomfortably, or sleep on the ground, which is not only cold but also unsanitary.

ASIF Foundation accompanied the "Power 2000" project in the first quarter of 2021 to build a boarding house at Dak Jo Ta school. Along with Mr. Trung Hoa Hoang, the project initiator, ASIF conducted a fundraising call and built the boarding house, helping more than 60 students studying at Dak Jo Ta school have a place to stay and keep going to school.

New boarding house at Dak Jo Ta School (Dak Jo Ta commune, MangYang district, Gia Lai)

Each room of the new boarding house has many bunk beds, high ceilings and is tiled cleanly for the comfort of the students

The boarding house was officially completed in July 2021 and was handed over to Dak Jo Ta school. The school will take charge of regular cleaning, inspection, and maintenance tasks to ensure the best facilities for students to use.

Furthermore, students are now provided with enough meals, enough nutrition at the boarding house.

The new boarding house at Dak Jo Ta School is expected to assist students in the Central Highlands of Vietnam in pursuing their education to the best extent possible. Donors interested in "Power 2000" can reach out to ASIF via Facebook or email at

Together, we shall bring opportunities to students in remote areas, increasing their access to education to escape poverty.

Learn more about "Power 2000" project:


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