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ASIF accompanies to light up the dreams of orphans due to Covid 19

On August 4, 2022, ASIF and 46 sponsors gathered to attend the Dai Su Hang Viet Ti Hon Summer Camping's closing ceremony held by the Association of Vietnam High-Quality Goods (Hoi Doanh Nghiep Hang Viet Nam Chat Luong Cao) in Dalat. It was a special camp organized for orphans due to COVID-19 and poor children in Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta.

Dai Su Hang Viet Ti Hon Summer Camping is an annual activity in a series of actions of the program “Actions for the community” initiated by Hoi Doanh Nghiep Hang Viet Nam Chat Luong Cao since 2011. At the camp, campers costed nothing including travel, accommodation, sightseeing, and practical experiences, and received many meaningful gifts for their study and daily lives.

The Dai Su Hang Viet Ti Hon Summer Camp

After being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic for 2 years, the summer camp started again at the beginning of July, and the closing ceremony was held successfully with an attendance of more than 100 students, 47 sponsors and 10 ambassadors. As one of the companions, ASIF hopes to light up the dreams of children deprived of parental care due to the global pandemic. It is difficult for them to be strong and grow without spiritual and material support in their pre-teen years. ASIF believes that the summer camp is an interesting experience and healing medicine for the children’s hearts to help them leverage their strength and overcome challenges in life.

Dream note papers of the children decorated in the closing summer camp ceremony

Accordingly, the program was held in Dalat, Lam Dong from 1/8/2022 to 14/8/2022., including 100 poor students at the age of 12. They are students with especially difficult circumstances: those who lost parents as a result of Covid 19, having difficult economic circumstances (poor households), and being allowed to join in activities of the camp. According to the organizing committee, there were 50 children from Ho Chi Minh City, and other provinces including An Giang, Ben Tre, Can Tho, Dong Thap, and Tra Vinh, every province chose 10 students who met the criteria to participate.

Thank you 47 organizations and businesses poster

ASIF supported the Dai Su Hang Viet Ti Hon Summer Camping with 10 scholarships for 10 disadvantaged children who join in the camp. With the slogan “We believe in human dignity”, ASIF would like to create a steady impact on society, build humans and develop the community. Therefore, even though each child has different starting points, they can develop their potential to succeed in work and in life.

Some images at the Dai Su Hang Viet Ti Hon Summer Camp


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