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The strict 4-step process of a standard well construction

The Well project was launched and funded by ASIF, with the aim to provide people in the Central Highlands of Vietnam with access to clean water, reducing their hardship in collecting water drops.

With the project, the team brings convenient and safe wells to more than 500,000 people in Kon Tum and Gia Lai, Vietnam. Before being put into use, each well installed by the project team must undergo the following strict 4-step process.

To identify the drilling site, the project team conducted multiple field surveys with consultation and support from local authorities. Only in Gia Lai, the project team has found 300 locations in need of wells.

However, to get a well installed, the construction contractor usually needs to drill 2-3 times to create a new well. In some cases, some wells need 4-5 times.

After the installation process finishes, water quality testing is always one of the most important steps. Only when the indicators reach safety levels will the well be handed over to local authorities and put to use.

In the process of utilization, the Well project team always collaborates with local authorities to periodically check the water quality and resolve issues (if any) to ensure that safe water is always available for people. At the same time, the team promotes people’s awareness of using water to maximize the effectiveness of the wells installed.

The journey to installing a new well is not always easy. There are wells without water, there are drilling locations changed many times. However, sometimes the new location is not convenient for the villagers and their daily activities. Therefore, a distribution system is installed to bring the water back to its previous location. Besides, the expensive well-maintenance cost is also a challenge to the project.

Overcoming these difficulties, the Well project team is still making efforts to quench the "thirst" of Central Highlands people. Each new well is hope for more than 1,000 people, contributing to the improvement of their living standards and their health.

With each donation from the community, ASIF will match to double the benefits of the vulnerable. Join us on this meaningful journey.

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