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Tackling chronic diseases for the poor

“After I had a stroke, one side of my face twitched without warning. Although I had been to many places for treatment, the symptoms just did not go away. But finally, acupuncture sessions at Mai Khoi - Dong Tien clinic have helped improve my condition by 70 percent." shared by Ms. Tran Ngoc Lan (District 8, HCMC).

The Department of TCM Physiotherapy at Mai Khoi - Dong Tien clinic are always busy with people coming in and out. They are patients with osteoarthritis, sequelae of traumatic injury, sequelae of stroke, etc. ,coming here for treatment.

The Department of TCM Physiotherapy at Mai Khoi - Dong Tien clinic, well-known for stroke recovery treatment.

Waiting for her turn, Ms. Lan told us about her chance to get to know the clinic: "I have a friend who used to have carpal tunnel syndrome. It was so painful, so she went to the hospital. The doctor asked her to have surgery, but she did not dare to. Finally, she came here for treatment after being recommended. After over a month, her hands could stretch normally, with no numbness and stiffness in her fingers."

Motivated by the hope of curing her stroke sequelae, Ms. Lan came to Mai Khoi - Dong Tien clinic. Having seen positive outcomes after her treatment, she recommended the clinic to her friend, Ms. Tran Xoai Muoi. Since then, they have been taking each other to acupuncture and physical therapy at the clinic. “The doctors here work for a philanthropic purpose, so they do not take any fees even if you pay. If anyone is in good condition and kind, there is a donation box in front of the door for them.", added by Ms. Lan.

A patient is undergoing physical therapy

Not only the Department of TCM Physiotherapy but other departments at Mai Khoi - Dong Tien clinic attract many patients with difficult circumstances coming for treatment. One of the patients is Mr. Tran Van Dzung. After joining the army on Gia Lai battlefield, the veteran returned to work as a security guard for a small company and raised five children. He has been living with a stomach disease since he was in the army, despite the fact that he went back and forth between small and large hospitals. In the end, when he could not afford the treatment costs, he was fortunate to know Mai Khoi - Dong Tien clinic.

“My brothers introduced me here. The doctors examined me and prescribed medicine. After nearly a year, my condition has improved by 50-60 percent. My illness can not be cured in just one or two days, so I keep coming here to take medicine for long-term treatment. Whenever I have some free money on hand, I support the clinic, and when I have only a tight budget, I thank them before I leave. "- Mr. Dzung said.

Mr. Tran Van Dzung, examined by doctors of Mai Khoi - Dong Tien clinic.

Established in 2007, Mai Khoi - Dong Tien clinic is a charity medical examination and treatment facility, focusing on patients with difficult circumstances. The clinic currently has 1 Pharmacy, 2 Internal medicine rooms, 1 Ophthalmology room, 1 Dental room, 1 Gynecology room, and 1 TCM Physiotherapy room.

In 2020, the clinic received a Certificate of Merit from the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City for its active contribution to social and charity programs for many years. In the same year, it was also honored as a noble example in the patriotic movement of the city.

Due to the complicated situation of Covid-19 pandemic, the clinic is now temporarily closed. Mai Khoi - Dong Tien clinic will post an announcement on fanpage as soon as it reopens.

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Mai Khoi - Dong Tien clinic:

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Address: Dong Tien Church, 54 Thanh Thai, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


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