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Helping HIV-infected single mothers and children love life again

Aside from having the disease of the century in their bodies, the pain of single mothers and children who are HIV-infected also comes from the abandonment and the discriminitation from society and their own families. These holes in their hearts would be filled by Mai Tâm Home with love so that trust can once again stem from their souls.

If HIV-infected people don’t have the necessary mental preparation process, even if their disease is under control, they will have difficulties integrating due to their past and the way they view themselves. With the current state of medical technology, just by adhering to the treatment regimen can bring a normal life back to HIV-infected people. Therefore, the comprehensive method of care needs to pay more attention to their mental health so they can understand their disease and form a sound perception to integrate with society.

By adhering to doctor’s instructions, HIV-infected people can still lead a healthy and normal life

To help single mothers revive their will to live, the home will organize trade classes, then create jobs, hire them, and pay them like normal laborers. Part of their pessimism will go away once they can work again. At the same time, through meaningful production activities, they will gradually find the value of themselves again, improving their self-worth and allowing them to earn a living. Ms. Nguyen Kim Yen (whose real name was changed) shared that when her family and society turned their back to her, the home took her in with her children, providing them with necessities while hiring her as a nanny with a stable monthly source of income. Years of living at this home has given Yen the confidence to return to society. She had a family and moved out of Mai Tam 3 years ago.

Many single mothers become nannies at Mai Tâm Home.

For children, taking care of their mental health is somewhat more complicated because they will grow up and go through psychological and physiological changes, as well as in their perception. This phase requires delicate guidance so they would not feel suffocating but at the same time keeping them from vices. To do so, they are exposed to talent-subjects such as art, music at their earliest age to express their emotions and their thoughts, instead of repressing them. At their kindergarten age, they are taught using the Montessori method to form good personalities when they are still little. Once they enter puberty, the home has psychological consultation rooms where they can talk with experts invited by the home to address their adolescent troubles. Thanks to these consultation rooms, children with autism, hyperactivity, or other mental issues receive better help, preparing them to join local schools.

The home nurture their souls through exposing them with talent-subjects, and art when they are young.

The home also organizes field trips on weekends so the children can get to know each other and relieve their stress after hours of learning and exploring life, like many other children. Other than that, the home also have gettogether sessions where they can sit next to one another, share and think about the hardships they face in life. Thanks to these activities, children from this home are able to form their sympathy, which is a very important thing to have in order to be mentally stable when they rejoin the community.

Thanks to Mai Tâm home’s education, children know how to share and care for each other when they are little.

Healing a person comprehensively takes more than just meeting their physical needs. Mai Tâm home makes a lot of effort to create favorable conditions for single mothers and children here to best recover their mental health. The trust that they lost along the way, would be given back in whole, here at Mai Tâm home.

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