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Curtailing healthcare burdens for Thanh An island residents

With an AI-inbuilt moveable X-ray radiography machine given to the people of Thanh An island, Can Gio district by the ASIF Foundation, worries about healthcare have drastically decreased for the people here. The medical equipment is part of an important project of 2022 signifying an initial milestone in creating innovative changes in the healthcare area of the ASIF Foundation in Vietnam.

A report was presented on the integration of X-ray machines with AI between ASIF Foundation and representatives from the local health station.

Three months after launching this project, on March 2nd, 2023, ASIF Foundation made a follow-up visit to Thanh An island to find out how the equipment was helping the local community. ASIF Foundation shared stories of how the local people and medical staff at the station were benefiting from the X-ray radiography machine.

Convenient and swift services

Thanh An island resident Mr. Le Minh Son has suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthmatic problems, for which he must regularly visit Pham Ngoc Thach hospital in Ho Chi Minh city for treatment. On each visit day, he must depart at 6:00 am to make it to the earliest ferry to district town, and from there continues catching a bus to the city. He would arrive home at 6:00 pm or sleepover in the city if he missed the bus or the ferry. On average, he would spend 500,000 VND on transportation on top of his medical bills.

With the new high-end X-ray radiography machine, Mr. Son has worried less about traveling distances and transportation costs. He can get his screenings done at the medical station and that takes off a great burden for him on the hospital visit days.

Mr. Le Minh Son shared about challenges around medical equipment inadequacy

For the better life quality

In the old days when Thanh An was still an undeveloped island with dilapidated healthcare services, the local residents faced a multitude of disadvantages to get access to decent healthcare facilities. The situation had left the people to live as how it was and accept the reality to suffer from health conditions without being able to get proper treatments.

The project “Giving AI in-built X-ray radiography machine” by ASIF Foundation improves medical services for local residents of Thanh An

A similar story is shared by a 94-year-old woman resident of Thanh An. One day she started having some health symptoms and thought it was due to her old age and that she would not have very long to live. She called up her children to come back and live with her. However, the family managed to persuade her to get diagnosed and treated at the medical station. At the station she was sent to perform a screening using the AI in-built X-ray radiography machine, the doctor could find out she was having obstructive pulmonary disease with fluids filled in her lungs which is treatable. She was transferred to Nguyen Tri Phuong hospital for treatment and today, her condition has improved greatly.

Doctor Truong – the head medical officer at the station who shared the story is working in Thanh An island and said “I just wanted the old lady to live a life with quality, not just go by the days and wait for her final departure.”

The activity “Giving Ai in-built X-ray radiography machine” funded by ASIF Foundation marks a beginning

With a mission to contribute to the healthcare area, the ASIF Foundation wishes to implement medical initiatives in Can Gio district. In order to understand the background to the district, ASIF Foundation has met with officials from the Can Gio District Medical Centre to discuss and make preparatory steps to partner with the district to promulgate activities in building up the local healthcare system in the near future.

A working session between ASIF Foundation and Can Gio District Medical Centre

To bring about positive changes to the life and medical system in Thanh An island is the project’s initial phase for ASIF Foundation to continue bringing further changes in the area of healthcare in general. The project additionally boosts our motivation to carry out other crucial missions we set forth, being the systemic changes in the areas of water and sanitation, healthcare, education, poverty reduction and climate change in order to build a life with decency for the community and contribute to SDGs in Vietnam.

In November 2022, ASIF Foundation donated a first-generation X-ray radiography machine in-built with AI technology to the Thanh An medical station. The equipment can capture all chest area using Annalise CXR Edge, which is an AI software helping detecting any abnormalities and damages accurately. What is better, the AI software is built by young intellectual people of the city (incl. Tran Dang Minh Tri, Tran Dang Dinh Ang) and is recognised in countries with advanced healthcare systems such as Australia and Japan.
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