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Bring innovations to the central highlands of Vietnam

Thanks to a creative idea, more than 5,000 specialized water baskets have been delivered to people in Kon Tum on April 11th. The project has built good habits in collecting and storing water of households in remote areas.

Plastic water bottles of women and children in Kon Tum

After field trips to Gia Lai and Kon Tum, ASIF team has realized that in addition to the state of "thirst" for clean water, people here lack water containers. Every day, more than 750,000 women and children still carry dirty disposable plastic bottles on their shoulders and travel 5-7km to get water for daily life. These plastic bottles are unhygienic, can only hold up to 5 liters of water and are easy to fall along the road.

To solve these difficulties of the people here, the initiative to create a specialized water basket was born. After a period of discussion and editing, a new water basket model has been put into mass production.

Gui project’s specialized water basket

This water basket has a capacity of 20 liters with a convenient drain valve, wide lid and sturdy strap. People can now collect 3-4 times more water than before by a new water basket that is easy to use and clean. Its material is HDPE, which is safe for health and recyclable.

On April 11, ASIF officially gave new water baskets to 5,000 Kon Tum households at 5 locations: Dak Ro Ong commune and Dak To Kan commune (Tu Mo Rong district), Ngoc Tu commune and Dak Ro Nga commune (Dak To district), Kon Tum Cathedral Church (Kon Tum City).

New water baskets were hand-delivered by ASIF at the 1st basket donating event

Ms. Y Chi, a woman in Dak Ro commune, took her child to receive a new basket

Holding a new water basket, Ms. Y Chi (Dak Ro Ong commune, Tu Mo Rong district, Kon Tum province) could not hide her joy: "Very happy. The new bag is very nice, very comfortable to wear on my shoulders. From now on, I don't have to go to the stream to get water many times a day, so I have time to go to the fields with my husband."

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ven - President of the Kon Tum Red Cross said: "This is a great idea which is suitable for the situation of ethnic minorities in Kon Tum. They are very convenient for people in remote areas to get water for daily life.”

Two old women are sharing their joy because they no longer have to store water by dirty plastic bottles

In the coming time, ASIF aims to give 45,000 more water baskets to households in Gia Lai and Kon Tum. We hope that the Gui project will bring prosperity to villages in the Central Highlands, helping 300,000 people change their habits of fetching and storing water.

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