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Clean Water Projects

Known for its many advantages in natural and cultural resources around the world, the Central Highlands region in Vietnam is one of the nation’s pride and glory yet, it also faces the most challenges in the world. The region struggles with socio-economic conditions, living conditions, local disputes, and serious attenuation due to deforestation as well as other resource abuses.


When ASIF visited the villages of North Central Highlands (Gia Lai and Kon Tum Provinces), the lack of access to clean water for the local ethnic minorities in the area was an evident problem that needed to end. While its effects on the cycle of poverty and negative health impacts were issues we wish to address, ASIF’s belief in humanity and its dignity was what gave us the determination to initiate our own projects.


ASIF currently has 2 projects that focus on providing access to clean water for remote communities in the Central Highlands region, ensuring one of their basic human rights. Follow these projects below and accompany us in our journey on the highlands.

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