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The third home – where children gain equitable access to quality education

Have you imagined what you will achieve at the age of 30? You will own a house, a car, or have a family?

For everyone, 30 years old is definitely a meaningful and proud milestone. For Thao Dan Children Social Protection Centre, it is not easy to mark the 30-year operation to bring a happy – peaceful – developed life to children, especially children in especially difficult circumstances.

Thao Dan Children Social Protection Centre focuses on educating children in difficult circumstances

It is a challenging journey in which Thao Dan has raised and watched the growth of many generations. 30 years ago, in Thao Dan, children grew up with letters and folk games in love and care of their families and social workers. Today, in the modern world, children have more opportunities to access education and knowledge as well as more ways to entertain themselves, so children need more factors for their comprehensive development. These include an adequate standard of living, recognition, and equality in education. Every child has the right to learn and play in a place that is prepared full of facilities and opportunities to access skills development courses.

At the 30th anniversary celebration of Thao Dan, they officially called for sponsors, partners, and the community to raise funds for the “The third home” project with the aim of helping children in difficult circumstances to have a safe environment to study and grow.

ASIF Foundation supported The Third Home with the "Build network and website" sponsorship package

At the third home – Thao Dan, children in special circumstances no longer feel abandoned and forgotten by their parents struggling to make ends meet. Instead of being bullied or embarrassed in school, children of Thao Dan receive love, care, sympathy, and be themselves.

Camping Together activity creates a creative environment for disadvantaged children

With the intention of building a long-term, sustainable learning plan that is suitable for every child so that adolescents who are prepared with adequate knowledge and skills confidently dedicate and contribute to the community, the “The third home” project absolutely needs the support of gold hearts. Therefore, there are more and more children with special needs taking advantage of education and development, so their childhood is full of happiness and joy.

3D simulation design of common rom

3D simulation design of the computer room and library

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