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Official Construction of Dak Jota boarding house

“The students' school is more than 10km away from their home by dirt road. Every time it rains, their way to school is very difficult. Also, their parents cannot afford to continue their schooling. Without boarding houses, the dropout rate would be very high.” said Nguyen Van Thuat, Principal of Dak Jo Ta school.

The road from home to school is more than ten kilometers long, so boarding houses are the only solution for children to stay in school and continue their schooling. But the reality is that there are not enough boarding houses for the children, moreover, the family cannot afford to rent another boarding house for the children.

The dilapidated house is where the students rest after school

Understanding the importance of boarding houses, many schools in the Central Highlands, including Dak Jota Primary and Secondary School, Gia Lai province are seeking support from the community to build boarding houses for the students. The school has found partial support for 24 middle school students, but 78 primary school students have not yet received any support.

In order to eliminate this problem and give strength and confidence to highland students to go to school, ASIF cooperated with "Sức mạnh 2000 – Tiền lẻ mỗi ngày Xây ngay nghìn trường mới” (Power of 2000 – a little change every day, build schools right away) to launch the project of building boarding houses in Dak Jo Ta commune, Mang Yang district, supporting 78 primary school students.


On March 12, 2021, the boarding house was officially started construction. This construction is expected to be completed in 3 months, ready for the new school year of the children here.

ASIF will continue to update the boarding house project on ASIF’s fan page and website. Together, we can give children the chance to go to school.

Children study with their teacher at a completed boarding school

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